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South Carolina Arts Commission

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Next predicted deadline: Sep 16, 2024 8:59pm PDT

Later predicted deadlines: Jan 16, 2025 8:59pm PST

Grant amount: US $10,000

Fields of work: Folk/ Traditional Art Music Theater Dance Film Poetry Textile & Fiber Arts Show all

Applicant type: Artist

Funding uses: Fellowship

Location of project: South Carolina

Location of residency: South Carolina

Age restriction: At least 18 years of age


Individual Artist Fellowships


These fellowships recognize and reward the artistic achievements of South Carolina’s exceptional individual artists. Fellowship awards are made through a highly competitive process and are based on artistic merit, achievements, and commitment to discipline. The fellowship awards bring recognition that may open doors to other resources and employment opportunities.



You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • The applicant must be a practicing individual artist (duos, collaborative works, and other ensembles are not eligible), working in one (1) or more of the disciplines eligible for the application year.
    • Up to five (5) fellowships are awarded each year (maximum of one in each discipline), with artistic disciplines rotating from year to year.
    • The next eligible disciplines will be:
      • FY25: Poetry; Spoken word/Slam poetry; Choreography & Directing (film theatre, opera); Performance: dance, music, or acting (film or theatre); and Folklife and Traditional Arts (quilting, embroidery, sewing, beading, weaving, pottery, basketmaking, woodcarving, folk music, dance, or oral literature)
      • FY26: Visual Art; Craft; Design arts (architecture, fashion, graphic, industrial, or interior); and Media Production (apply fall 2024)
      • FY27: Prose; Spoken word/Slam poetry; Performance: dance, music, or acting (film or theatre); and Playwriting/Screenwriting (apply fall 2025)
      • FY28: Visual Art; Craft; Time-Based Art (installation, sound, film, video art, animation, computer-generated art, or performance art); and Music: Composition (apply fall 2026)
  • The applicant must also be:
    • A legal resident of the U.S. and S.C. with a permanent residence in the state for two (2) years prior to the application date and throughout the fellowship period; and
    • 18 years of age or older at the time of application.
  • Purpose:
    • To recognize and reward the artistic achievements of South Carolina's exceptional individual artists
  • There is a limit of two SCAC Fellowships in an artist’s career.
  • An artist may apply in more than one category but is only eligible to receive one fellowship.
    • If applying in more than one category, a different body of work must be submitted for each category.


  • The applicant must not be a degree-seeking student during the award period.
  • There is a period of ineligibility of 10 years after the first fellowship is awarded.
  • Fellows may not receive any other SCAC grant awards during their fellowship year.

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