PGE Foundation: Safe and Stable Families' Grant Program

PGE Foundation

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Deadline: Jul 10, 2020

Grant amount: Up to US $25,000

Fields of work: Family Services Food Access & Hunger Mental Health & Psychiatric Diseases Real Estate & Housing Parenting Counseling & Education Food Security

Applicant type: Nonprofit, Indigenous Group, Government Entity, College / University

Funding uses: General Operating Expense, Project / Program

Location of project: Counties in Oregon: Clackamas County, Columbia County, Deschutes County, Gilliam County, Hood River County Show all

Location of residency: Counties in Oregon: Clackamas County, Columbia County, Deschutes County, Gilliam County, Hood River County Show all

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About this funder:



The PGE Foundation works in collaboration with the community to help improve educational outcomes, inspire critical thinking through arts experiences and strengthen family stability.

Safe and Stable Families

We are committed to helping families overcome barriers and improve their quality of life. When families have proper access to housing, food, and support they can create a safer, more sustainable future.

If you're interested in submitting a proposal for a family-oriented program, consider:

  • Preventive approaches that help families create stable environments where children can grow and thrive, with emphasis on addressing food insecurity, housing/homelessness, mental wellness and parent engagement
  • Programs that help parents, grandparents and guardians caring for children (up to age 26) develop stable family relationships, economic security and a safe and consistent home environment

We prioritize programs that use input from the community they're serving and intentionally focus on communities that have faced historic or systemic barriers in reaching equal outcomes.

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • We award grants to:
    • Charitable, nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations classified as 501 (c) (3) by the Internal Revenue Service or those with a qualifying equivalent status
    • Organizations based in Oregon and serving Oregonians with priority to organizations located in counties where PGE has customers and power-generating plants
    • Organizations, programs and services that are aligned with one or more of our three focus areas
    • Organizations that comply with our nondiscrimination policy


  • We extend a higher level of consideration to grant applications that are:
    • Submitted by organizations operating collaboratively or in partnership with other nonprofits or agencies
    • Designed with measurable objectives
    • Demonstrate a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion in their mission and operations


  • We do not consider requests for the following:
    • Previous grant recipients who have not completed a final impact report
    • Bridge grants, debt retirement or operational deficits
    • Endowment funds
    • General fund drives or annual appeals
    • Requests to support political entities, ballot measure campaigns or candidates for political office
    • Requests from organizations that discriminate, in services provided and/or hiring practices, based on race, religion, nationality, ethnicity, sex, marital status, age, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, veterans status or color
    • Requests from fraternal, sectarian and/or religious organizations, especially if the grant is intended for the principal benefit of the organization’s own members or adherents
    • Any activities or organizations for which support would violate IRS regulations for private foundations
    • Direct grants to individuals
    • Direct support for library operations, or capital
    • Travel expenses
    • Conferences, symposiums, festivals, events, team sponsorships or user fees
    • Capital expenses to purchase vehicles, office furniture, computers, etc.