Sand Hill Foundation Grantmaking Program: Small Capital Needs

Sand Hill Foundation

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Next deadline: Aug 31, 2020

Later deadlines: Apr 10, 2021

Grant amount: Up to US $50,000

Fields of work: Land/Habitat Conservation Environment Crisis Intervention Sustainability Preventative Healthcare Parks & Public Spaces Entrepreneurship Community Health Education Environmental Education Health Care Access & Delivery Workforce Preparation & Job Readiness Environmental Stewardship Vocational & Trade Education Outdoor Recreation Financial Literacy Academic Scholarship Programs Children’s Mental Health Youth Development & Leadership Career/College Preparation Sustainable Agriculture & Agroecology Apprenticeship & Internship Programs Show all

Applicant type: Nonprofit

Funding uses: Training / Capacity Building, Capital Project

Location of project: Counties in California: San Mateo County, Santa Clara County

Location of residency: United States

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About this funder:



Our Focus Areas

How Communities Thrive: When people are provided with opportunities to grow, they flourish. When they care for the world around them, they contribute to a sustainable future. That’s why we support partners whose work focuses on people and place — work that makes a positive and lasting impact on our regional community.

Health & Opportunity

The Health & Opportunity program is focused on health, education, and economic opportunity in our local community. Current priorities within this broad scope are: mental health through The Wellness Partnership, primary care for low-income families, middle and high school age out-of-school-time programs with strong academic and college access orientations, college completion supports, and asset-building opportunities such as workforce development and housing.

Economic mobility is fueled by good health, a strong spirit, higher education, and employment opportunities. Sand Hill Foundation funds programs that help low-income families and youth stabilize, grow and thrive.

  • Health:
    • Programs that expand access to community health care services, including direct services and preventative education, mental health programs for youth, and crisis and grief counseling.
  • Economic Opportunity:
    • Asset-building activities like entrepreneurship, vocational training, and financial literacy coaching for low-income individuals and working families.
  • Educational Opportunity:
    • Academic, college access and completion, and character-building programs that take place after school and in summer, as well as scholarships, internships, and fellowships for youth and young adults.

Environment & Sustainability

The Environment & Sustainability program is focused on conservation, environmental education, and sustainability practices in our local community.

Current priorities in this field of interest are open space preservation, land stewardship, hands-on science education outdoors, implementation of Next Generation Science Standards, and efforts to expand sustainability practices at the local level.

Ensuring a Resource Rich Future

Our natural environment, public health, and economic prosperity are deeply interconnected. Preserving and protecting natural resources requires a long-term view and sustained commitment to future generations.

  • Conservation:
    • Open space preservation and stewardship, primarily in San Mateo and northern Santa Clara Counties, and environmentally-sustainable business and farming practices.
  • Environmental Education:
    • Local programs that offer in-depth learning and promote a lifetime of environmental stewardship;
    • science-based educational opportunities that use environmental experiences or principles to contribute to California teaching standards;
    • and opportunities for low-income students to learn and live outdoors.
  • Sustainability
    • Community-based efforts to build awareness and engagement in activities that balance economic, environmental, and social benefits.

Small Capital Needs Grants

A Fund for Community Building

There are times when one-time expenditures are necessary that fall beyond annual operating costs. Sand Hill Foundation offers small capital needs grants of up to $50,000 for urgent capital needs or consulting expenses.

Examples of past capital grants include: the costs of an unexpected office move, a new youth group van, technology upgrades, and the build-out of a small-business incubator space.

Examples of past capacity building consulting grants include: the design of an integrated database, expanded evaluation systems for youth programs, and strategic planning and financial modeling following a growth campaign.

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • All organizations working within our focus areas and geographic scope are eligible to apply for small capital grants.
    • Our funding serves San Mateo and northern Santa Clara counties, from the Pacific Coast to the San Francisco Bay, and from Daly City to Mountain View. 
  •  Requests must be locally focused.
  • The Foundation will support only those organizations with strong and consistently applied non-discrimination policies.


  • Priority will be given to capital investments that:
    • Meet an urgent need within the organization
    • Are timely and strategic
    • Are well researched
    • Have a detailed completion plan in place


  • Grantees who have received two grants in the last year are ineligible for a capital grant.