Siouxland Recovery Fund

United Way of Siouxland

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Deadline: Rolling

Grant amount: US $500 - US $25,000

Fields of work: Community Services Disaster Relief / Humanitarian Aid

Applicant type: Nonprofit, Indigenous Group, Government Entity

Funding uses: General Operating Expense, Project / Program

Location of project: Counties in Iowa: Plymouth County, Woodbury County, Counties in Nebraska: Dakota County, Dixon County, Wayne County Show all

Location of residency: Counties in Iowa: Plymouth County, Woodbury County, Counties in Nebraska: Dakota County, Dixon County, Wayne County Show all

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About this funder:



The purpose of the Siouxland Recovery Fund is to provide financial resources to help meet short,  intermediate and long term needs for recovery in the Siouxland area when a major disaster strikes


Funding is available to address unmet needs that have developed as a result of a disaster. Grants will be made to address short, intermediate, and long-term solutions. Eligible organizations may apply for funding to address one or more Siouxland Recovery Fund priorities:

  • Assisting individuals and families with direct assistance through non-profit organizations (vouchers, in-kind contributions, cash assistance, etc.)
  • Addressing systemic issues (e.g. mental health needs, housing needs, increased need for substance abuse counselors, etc.)
  • Rebuilding non-profit stability (This keenly competitive priority is intended for substantially devastated, highly effective organizations that provide:
    • vital human services impacting community recovery efforts or,
    • key cultural offerings that impact community economic recovery. Requests in this category should target a specific achievable need and be clearly focused as to how this request helps organization carry out organizational mission.)

Grant requests should target activities that will not be reimbursed by public agencies or insurance.

Grant Size

Individual organizations may request funding from $500 to $25,000 per proposal.

Applicants will be allowed to request proposal renewal for priority 1 & 2 proposals during the duration of the SRF grant program. A request for replenishment can be made when 75% of the initial grant funding has been expended, and a grant report (available on the website) has been submitted to the SRF Review Board.

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  •  Organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (or corresponding section of any future federal tax code), or to organizations defined as charitable under Section 170(b)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 and its Regulations as presently existing or as hereafter amended.
    • (e.g. units of local city or county government, community action groups, relief agencies, churches and faith-based organizations, clinics, schools, food banks, clothes closets, etc.) that fit the criteria described below are eligible to apply.  
  • Proposals must be implemented without discrimination or religious content.


  • The SRF does not grant directly to individuals or families, but to the non-profit organizations that serve individuals and families in the Siouxland tri-state area. Residents should contact local agencies for immediate help