Skyrail Rainforest Foundation Funding

Skyrail Rainforest Foundation

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Grant amount: Up to A $5,000

Anticipated deadline: Jun 7, 2020

Applicant type: Graduate Student

Funding uses: Research

Location of project: Australia

Location of residency: Australia

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About the Foundation

The Skyrail Rainforest Foundation has been established with the primary objective of raising and distributing funds to support tropical rainforest research and education projects.

Monies raised are paid into the Skyrail Rainforest Research Fund, which is administered by a Public Fund Management Committee, consisting of representatives with environmental management, research, education and business experience.

Our Objectives

The research objectives of the Skyrail Rainforest Foundation are:

  • To establish, conduct and carry out research and education programmes to assist the community in understanding and appreciating the value of tropical rainforests throughout the world.
  • To support the research, study and investigation of:
    • Rare and endangered rainforest flora and fauna;
    • Biology and ecology of rainforest canopies;
    • The interdependence between species;
    • Effective management to minimise the impact of rainforest tourism;
    • Human benefit from rainforest biological resources;
    • The downstream impacts of rainforests;
    • Biodiversity
  • To support better education of the wider community by communicating the results of relevant research including:
    • The production of management guides and best practice literature for rainforest managers;
    • Educational resources, computer websites and lesson kits for schools;
    • Translations of existing educational material for nonEnglish speaking people;
    • Seminars, publications and conferences for the general community
  • To assist with projects where the primary objectives are to protect, present, conserve or rehabilitate tropical rainforest, its flora and fauna.


Skyrail Rainforest Foundation is proud to have supported research projects from a vast array of rainforest focussed genres for more than 10 years. This support has enabled many students to complete or further their studies and, ultimately, has contributed to the collective knowledge gathered on the subject of tropical rainforests. Eligible students can now apply to access up to $5000 for PhD and Research Masters projects and up to $2000 for Honours projects, Graduate Diploma in Research Methods projects and other Masters course work where there is a strong research component. Students will be required to share their progress on a regular basis and also provide the Skyrail Rainforest Foundation with a summary of their research once completed. This information may form the basis of local news and/or social media articles.

Focus for current funding round

For this round of funding, the Foundation would particularly encourage applications that address the following concerns:

  • Conservation and Development interactions and trade offs;
  • Species responses to ecosystem dynamics and climate influences including extreme weather events.
  • Getting priorities right for tourism and use of World Heritage areas. 

Successful project applications will align with the Foundation objective of supporting:

  • Pure research aimed at understanding rainforest flora and fauna, ecosystems, processes and biological interactions;
  • Applied research aimed at improved management and use of rainforest environments around the world;
  • Education and communication to improve global understanding and appreciation of tropical rainforest environments; contributing to greater awareness and improved management and protection.

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Organisations or individuals are invited to submit funding applications for projects that meet the Foundation’s objectives


  • Well conceived projects that meet the focus and objectives of the Skyrail Rainforest Foundation for the current round of funding, and that demonstrate scientific rigour and innovative research while addressing gaps in or adding to current knowledge, will be viewed favourably.
  • Special consideration will be given to collaborative or partnership approaches where the Skyrail Rainforest Foundation funding enhances the outcomes and intrinsic value of a project.
  • The most beneficial use of funds, for example the purchase of minor items of equipment that can provide multiple use, field data collection and analysis of data, is preferred. 


  • Air travel, conferences and food will not be funded.