Forest Health Grant Program: Proposition 1 & Proposition 68 Grant Program

State of California: Sierra Nevada Conservancy

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Anticipated deadline: Aug 19, 2020 (Pre proposal)

Grant amount: Up to US $500,000

Fields of work: Forestry Habitat & Ecosystem Restoration Water Resource Management

Applicant type: Government Entity, Nonprofit, Indigenous Group

Funding uses: Project / Program

Location of project: Counties in California: Alpine County, Amador County, Butte County, Calaveras County, El Dorado County Show all

Location of residency: California

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The Forest Health grant program supports forest health projects that result in multiple watershed benefits, consistent with the following purposes:

  • Reducing wildfire risks, protecting communities and their watersheds, and promoting watershed health
  • Protecting and restoring rural and urban watershed health to improve watershed storage capacity, forest health, protection of life and property, and greenhouse gas reduction
  • Supporting watershed adaptation projects to reduce the impacts of climate changes on California’s communities and ecosystems

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