Stephen & Tabitha King Foundation Grants

The Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation

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Grant amount: US $500 - US $50,000

Next deadline: Apr 15, 2020

Later deadlines: Oct 15, 2020

Applicant type: Government Entity Nonprofit

Funding uses: Education / Outreach, Project / Program

Location of project: Maine

Location of residency: Maine

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About this funder:



Our Mission

The Stephen & Tabitha King Foundation was created because its founders wanted to give back to their communities. The foundation will strive to fulfill its mission with respect, integrity, and consideration. Persons working for the foundation may not sit on the board of organizations applying for funding, nor may they receive gifts or services from organizations applying for funding. Grant decisions are made by the foundation in its sole discretion and are not subject to review or appeal. The foundation has absolutely no obligation whatsoever to any particular applicant.

Welcome To the Stephen & Tabitha King Foundation

The Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation is a private non-profit organization that promotes strengthening and supporting communities and draws upon the values and spirituality of the founders. The Foundation has a special interest in organizations and people who have less recourse to usual channels of resources, focusing on community-based initiatives in the State of Maine only.


The Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation was created in 1986 to provide support for Maine communities. A family foundation, we are interested in projects that address the underlying causes of social and environmental problems, as well as those that address the consequences. We have a strong interest in literacy, community services and the arts. As community builders, we are particularly interested in organizations and projects that will affect or serve the most members of a community.

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Any 501( c )(3) organization in the state of Maine is eligible.
  • No applications will be considered from any organization without 501(c)(3) status, unless the applicant is a town, fire or emergency aid department or school system with tax-exempt status.
  • We request that you only apply once per calendar year, and if you receive funding- to wait two years before applying again.


  • We cannot give money to individuals for their personal use.
  • Endowment grants are rare, as are matching or challenge grants.
  • It is not the goal of the Foundation to provide annual support to any organization, nor are we interested in providing grants to correct funding gaps, whatever the reason might be for them.
  • The Foundation has no emergency funds to distribute.
  • We will not consider funding for:
    • medical care, education or other direct support for individuals
    • competitions or athletic sponsorships for individuals
    • wheelchair vans or transportation for individuals
    • scholarship foundations or programs that award grants or scholarships
    • graduation parties or events
    • travel, sponsorship or funding for student or athletic groups
    • renovations to churches or other religious properties or institutions
    • film or video productions, book or publishing projects
    • business development, investments or loans
    • conferences, meetings, training, workshops or exhibits
    • organizations whose policies encourage discrimination
    • academic research, fellowships or publication
    • shelters,hospitals or rehabilitation centers for animals
    • construction or improvement of playgrounds or skateparks
    • hospice programs or facilities
    • animal therapy programs