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Next deadline: Oct 1, 2020

Later deadlines: Jun 1, 2021

Grant amount: £500 - £2,000

Fields of work: Agriculture Forestry Fisheries

Applicant type: Undergraduate Student

Funding uses: Scholarship

Location of project: Anywhere in the world

Location of residency: Ireland, United Kingdom

Location of citizenship: Ireland, United Kingdom

Age restriction: Between 18 and 30 years of age

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Studley College Trust provides financial support in the form of student bursaries for study and training activities in the land-based industries. Our priority aims are to: 

  • Help students gain their early qualifications in preference to those striving for higher academic achievements;
  • Provide needed support for those with satisfactory performance throughout the course to its completion, but not in excess of three college years.

In order to distribute Trust funds to those students in the greatest need, Studley College Trust has partnership agreements with a number of land-based colleges listed below, giving them an annual allocation to award bursaries to students who fit the Trust’s eligibility criteria. 

Partnering colleges are: 

  • Duchy College
  • Easton and Otley College
  • Harper Adams University
  • Moulton College
  • Reaseheath College
  • Sparsholt College
  • Warwickshire College - Moreton Morrell Centre
  • Warwickshire College - Pershore Centre

For students enrolling at these ‘Bursary Partnership Colleges’ application for funds should be addressed through the Student Support Office in the appropriate college, where staff will be able to supply all of the necessary information and application forms.

If you are intending to study at a college or university that is not listed above, or if you have any other enquiry that needs clarification, you can email the Studley College Office and seek clarification, or request the forms to make direct application to the Trust.

The Trust has made occasional bursaries available for Travelling Scholarships and Traineeships and such applications will be dealt with by direct application by email. 

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Eligible students will:
    • Be British or Irish Nationals who are enrolled as students of a College or University.     
    • Be committed to a UK land-based career which would normally fit into one of the supported categories listed in the note below.     
    • Be aged 18 to 30 years (except cases of genuine career change).     
    • Have relevant practical experience and/or from a strong rural background.     
    • Have their career progress obstructed by lack of funds, having utilised available allowances, loans and other financial support.     
    • Be following a land-based course which will advance their career and benefit the UK industry.
  • Eligible expenditure could be:  A contribution towards course fees:  
    • Accommodation costs (college accommodation, off-campus lodgings or rent)    
    • Food    
    • Transport    
    • Books and study materials   
    • Protective clothing where this is for necessary parts of the curriculum    
    • External test/examination fees    
    • Course study trips between £500 and up to a maximum of £2,000
  • Studley College Trust will normally consider bursary applications for craft, through to management courses in the following curriculum areas:     
    • Agriculture    
    • Horticulture    
    • Forestry    
    • Fish Farming (except ornamental)    
    • Food Technology    
    • Agricultural or Horticultural Marketing    
    • Arboriculture    
    • Agricultural Engineering    
    • Game Keeping and Estate Skills


  • Help students gain their early qualifications in preference to those striving for higher academic achievements


  • Masters degrees and PhDs are not usually supported by the Trust.
  • Bursaries are not to fund students on industrial experience periods of more than six weeks.
  • It is not to cover:
    • Hire purchase payments    
    • Overdraft and loan repayments    
    • Support for dependants    
    • Long term housing costs
  •  Studley College Trust will NOT normally consider giving bursaries to students wishing to pursue courses in:
    • Veterinary Science    
    • Animal Behaviour    
    • Food Science    
    • Farriery    
    • Floristry    
    • Animal Care    
    • Environmental Studies    
    • Countryside & Land Management    
    • Equine Management    
    • Landscape Architecture

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