The Estella Canziani Post-Graduate Bursary for Research

The Folklore Society

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Predicted deadline: May 7, 2022

Grant amount: Up to £1,000

Fields of work: Anthropology & Cultural Studies

Applicant type: Graduate Student

Funding uses: Research

Location of project: United Kingdom

Location of residency: United Kingdom


The Folklore Society (FLS) is a learned society, based in London, devoted to the study of all aspects of folklore and tradition, including: ballads, folktales, fairy tales, myths, legends, traditional song and dance, folk plays, games, seasonal events, calendar customs, childlore and children's folklore, folk arts and crafts, popular belief, folk religion, material culture, vernacular language, sayings, proverbs and nursery rhymes, folk medicine, plantlore and weather lore.

Scope of the Bursary

The Bursary is intended to support the research aspects of an applicant's programme of study. Funding will not be provided for tuition fees or any fees related to registration and matriculation on a programme of study. The scope of an applicant's research may be on any aspect of Folklore Studies broadly defined, and may be conducted at any university in the United Kingdom. The Bursary may be used for assistance in the conduct of research such as:

  • the purchase of materials and equipment relevant to the applicant's research,
  • costs of transport to a place of field research whether the location is inside or outside the United Kingdom, or
  • maintenance while conducting research in the field.

Other needs may be considered at the discretion of the Society's Post-Graduate Bursary Committee. Requests for assistance in attending a conference at which the applicant will present a paper on his or her research may also be considered. The value of the Bursary will vary according to the needs of the applicant's research project, but should not exceed £1,000. The Bursary is for a period of one year or less.

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Applicants for the Bursary must be currently registered on, or in the forthcoming academic session will be registered on, a full- or part-time programme of research leading to a Ph.D. or an equivalent degree with a research component.
  • Application for a Bursary may be made for any year in the student's research career.
  • An applicant is permitted to make only one application in a calendar year. A candidate may make further requests for assistance in a programme of research for a period of two further consecutive years following the first grant of a research Bursary.


  • Funding will not be provided for tuition fees or any fees related to registration and matriculation on a programme of study.

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