The Indianapolis Foundation Library Fund: Competitive Grants

The Indianapolis Foundation (a CICF affiliate)

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Grant amount: Unspecified amount

Next deadline: Oct 31, 2019

Later deadlines: Mar 29, 2020

Applicant type: Museum/Library/Zoo

Funding uses: Education / Outreach, Project / Program

Location of project: Marion County, Indiana

Location of residency: Marion County, Indiana

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About this funder:



The Library Fund

It has awarded more than $23.3 million since its inception to increase literacy, information literacy, and information access for Marion County residents. The Library Fund is a field-of-interest fund of The Indianapolis Foundation (a CICF affiliate).

Eligible libraries make use of the fund for innovative programs like these:

  • IUPUI’s University Library and its Center for Service Learning are using a $30,594 grant to engage college students in family literacy programs for low-income and Hispanic residents on the Near Westside of Indianapolis.
  • The Franklin branch library, as well as the high school libraries of Arsenal Tech, Beech Grove, Roncalli, and Southport, used small grants to test new programs encouraging youth to read.
  •, with an annual grant of more than $500,000, provides free access to print resources not otherwise available at any school or library building in Marion County, and to anyone who has a public library card in Marion County. Resources include newspaper, journal, and magazine articles; information from standard library reference sources; and collections of resources designed to enhance student learning and achievement.

The Indianapolis Foundation Library Fund will be accepting applications twice a year to support projects from libraries in Marion County. Priority consideration will be given to those libraries that are able to present a compelling case for support based on need, request support that is not a part of general operating budgets, and has predetermined desired outcomes explicitly stating how resources will impact the Marion County community, our residents and/or students. All high school libraries are encouraged to apply for a Media Center Enhancement Grant.

Library Fund Competitive Grants

The Library Fund accepts general applications from all eligible libraries, including all Marion County high schools and their respective libraries, to support innovative programs that have the potential of demonstrating impact.

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Competitive Grants:
    • Funding Restriction: The Indianapolis Public Library, any high school library (public or private) and libraries at IUPUI, Marian University and University of Indianapolis
    • Geographic Restriction: Marion County
  • High School Media Center Enhancement Grants:
    • Funding Restriction: Any Marion County High School Library
      • Marion County high school media centers with at least one full time media specialist are eligible to be considered for Library Fund grants. Please note that “full time” means assigned to the Media Center full time.
      • The proposed development of your school’s collections must have proper oversight in the implementation and use of funds.
    • Geographic Restriction: Marion County


  • High School Media Center Enhancement Grants: If your high school’s Media Specialist has classroom teaching responsibilities, then your high school media center may not be eligible for this grant.