The Scottish Forestry Trust: Joint Bursary Award

The Scottish Forestry Trust

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Grant amount: Up to £3,000

Next deadline: Feb 28, 2020

Later deadlines: May 29, 2020, Nov 1, 2020

Applicant type: Graduate Student

Funding uses: Scholarship, Research

Location of project: United Kingdom

Location of residency: United Kingdom

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The Scottish Forestry Trust was established in 1983 by a gift of share capital, and our role is to provide funds by way of grants, to support research, education and training throughout the UK.  Since our establishment, we have provided nearly £2.5m to fund over 160 projects ranging from supporting post graduate industry applied research, social and environmental forestry, policy formulation and broader public education and awareness. 

The purpose of the scheme is to support postgraduate forestry research studentships relevant to UK forestry and carried out in the UK. Studentships will be related to the practice and application of forestry (including forest products) and will comply with the objectives and priorities of the SFT.  

Funds will support a rolling programme of Ph.D and Masters qualifications that will cover the following subject areas:

  • earth and environmental sciences,
  • downstream manufacturing/product development/marketing or innovation,
  • social/politics/policy,
  • other.

 Subject to approval by the Trust, and to the provisions of section 2 of the Trust's general applicant guidance, assistance levels will not normally exceed 30% of costs for doctoral research degrees and a maximum of £3,000 for Masters research degrees. 

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Studentships can be for Masters or Doctorate level research.
  • Students will be registered at UK Universities. 
  • In order to be considered for financial support from the Trust, projects must:
    • be relevant to UK forestry in the broadest sense and to wider UK forestry research priorities,
    • Have clear objectives / research questions, methods, expected research outcomes, and timeframes,
    • have additional funding from other sources.
  • Bursaries will only be available to fund new research and not research which is already in progress at the time of application. 
  • Studentships can be 3 or 4 years duration.


  • Bursaries will not be available to fund  research which is already in progress at the time of application.
  • It will be unacceptable for students to rely solely on the scheme as their sole source of funds. 
  • The Trust will not normally support
    • projects that have already started,
    • projects that are the statutory responsibility of other organisations,
    • general appeals and
  • The Trust will not fund
    • major capital costs,
    • working capital costs,
    • equipment hire costs,
    • overheads.