Culturally Enriched Communities Grant

Travelers Foundation

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Next anticipated deadline: Jan 17, 2021 (Letter of inquiry)

Later anticipated deadlines: Feb 7, 2021 (Full proposal)

Grant amount: Unspecified amount

Fields of work: Art Education Arts / Culture Access & Participation Art & Culture

Applicant type: Nonprofit

Funding uses: Capital Project, General Operating Expense, Project / Program, Education / Outreach

Location of project: Hartford County, Connecticut, Ramsey County, Minnesota

Location of residency: Hartford County, Connecticut, Ramsey County, Minnesota

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NOTE: Full applications will be due on the "full proposal" deadlines therefore, we recommend you initiate your pre-application at least three weeks before the deadlines (by the "pre-proposal" deadlines).

Travelers believes that strong communities are sustained by educational and economic opportunities — and we are dedicated to assisting our communities in generating those opportunities. With a focus on equity and inclusion, we target our giving and volunteerism to help improve academic and career success, develop thriving neighborhoods and create culturally enriched communities.

Travelers is ensuring opportunity by contributing to efforts that create strong, vibrant communities and offer pathways to success. Through corporate funding and the Travelers Foundation, Travelers targets its giving to achieve three outcomes: Academic & Career Success, Thriving Neighborhoods and Culturally Enriched Communities. Our primary focus is educating underrepresented students to lead tomorrow’s workforce. In addition, Travelers contributes to organizations that aid in developing communities through small business support and neighborhood revitalization, and that enhance lives and learning through arts & culture. 

Travelers accepts grant applications exclusively for Hartford, Connecticut and St. Paul, Minnesota, primarily for project, program and operating support and for limited capital opportunities.

Culturally Enriched Communities

We believe arts and culture enrich lives and improve multicultural understanding. We fund organizations that use the arts to enhance academic learning, provide access to low-income communities and present cultural traditions.

Travelers supports organizations that build communities and enrich lives through access for low-income and underrepresented communities to arts and culture, and that use the arts to contribute directly to enhanced academic learning.

  • Arts Education – Travelers funds organizations that incorporate the use of the arts in learning and stimulate creativity, while supporting improved academic achievement in local public schools.
  • Arts & Diversity – Travelers funds a wide range of organizations in order to build multi-cultural understanding in our communities. Travelers also aims to strengthen organizations that develop and present cultural and artistic traditions and/or provide access to various forms of art to diverse audiences.
  • Enhancing Communities Through the Arts – Travelers provides a small number of operating grants and/or sponsorships for key arts organizations in our downtown neighborhoods of Hartford, Conn., and St. Paul, Minn., in order to contribute to the vitality of the region.

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • The following applies to all corporate and foundation charitable contributions and community sponsorships made by Travelers: 
    • Contributions will be made only for the charitable and volunteer efforts of nonprofit organizations [501(c)(3) in U.S. or registered charity in Canada]. 


  • Priority will be given to organizations that demonstrate a commitment to their communities by ensuring that their governing bodies include representatives from within the community and projects that directly serve low-income communities.
  • Grantmaking will be focused on Hartford, Conn.; Saint Paul, Minn.; and selected locations where Travelers has a significant business presence.
    • We take particular interest in initiatives that affect the neighborhoods where our offices are located.
  • Collaborative efforts and initiatives that fit more than one of the priority funding areas will receive greater consideration.
  • National organizations may receive support for specific initiatives that fit within the Travelers funding priorities.
    • Special consideration will be given to those national requests that support or leverage the potential of other grantees; those that directly aid local initiatives where we do business; and those in which a collective impact or collaborative approach is used.
  • Support for public entities will be considered on a limited basis. Special consideration will be given when there is a nonprofit partner in a leadership role in the proposed activities or where a collective impact or collaborative approach is used.


  • Contributions will generally not be granted for:
    • Organizations that discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion, culture, age, physical disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, status as a military veteran or genetic information. 
    • Sectarian religious organizations, unless it can be shown that the organization is seeking charitable funds in the direct interest of the whole community. 
    • Fraternal organizations.
    • Political or lobbying organizations