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Watershed Planning Implementation and Flow Achievement Grants

State of Washington Department of Ecology

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Grant amount: Unspecified amount

Anticipated deadline: Dec 15, 2020

Applicant type: Government Entity Indigenous Group

Funding uses: Applied Project / Program

Location of project: Washington

Location of residency: Washington

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The Legislature has previously provided funding for the Watershed Implementation and Flow Achievement Capital Grant Program that funds projects that improve water supply, improve stream flows, and instream habitat conditions. Final funding decisions are contingent on an enacted Legislative budget that appropriates funding to this program. Funding under this program requires flow achievement, through:

  • Increased flows below the project site.
  • Improving instream and riparian zone conditions, such as enhancing fish passage or habitat.
  • Reorganizing or concentrating existing points of diversion.
  • Establishing water banks, water exchanges or pursing trust water opportunities.
  • Improving public water supply or irrigation district infrastructure that leads to water savings.
  • Purchasing and installing meters, stream gages or groundwater monitoring equipment when water
  • savings and or efficiencies can be expected short or long term.

The Department of Ecology is Washington's environmental protection agency. Our mission is to protect, preserve and enhance Washington's land, air and water for current and future generations. We support environmental work throughout Washington. Nearly 70 percent of our budget is passed through to local communities to pay for projects that benefit the environment.

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Grant request eligibility: 
    • Watershed planning groups, local government partners, tribal nations, non-profit and other political subdivisions of the state, that are within a State of Washington Watershed Resource Inventory Area (WRIA) are eligible. 
  • Eligible projects include (limitations on eligibility apply):
    • Infrastructure or Water Management:
      • Funding covers construction costs plus final design and engineering costs.
      • Funding is limited to those construction projects that improve instream flow by protecting the net water saving in the State Trust Water Right Program, or that provide other instream benefits, such as habitat improvements that remove instream barriers or otherwise improve instream habitat.
    • Surface or Groundwater Storage Feasibility:
      • Funding is limited to studies that address water supply projects.
      • These studies should address water supply availability, site location, preliminary engineering and design, necessary permits, cost estimates, and funding options.
    • Water Acquisition or Water Bank/Exchange:
      • Funding is limited to the fair market price of the portion of the water right that has been put to beneficial use.
      • This category can also include set-up costs for approved water banking/exchange programs. Set-up costs include:
        • developing an outreach plan;
        • conducting a market survey of potential interest of water supply availability;
        • preparing a water exchange strategy and funding structure;
        • preparing a water exchange design;
        • testing the practicability of buying and selling water; and
        • developing a mechanism for negotiating agreements to buy water.
    • Water Measuring Device:
      • Funding is limited to providing cost share for the purchase and installation of water sources meters for existing water right holders to meet the settlement agreement to measure 80% of the water use in fish critical river basins or to measure exempt well use in river basins that require exempt wells to be measure in the adopted instream flow rule.
    • Other: Other projects that meet eligibility requirements of this funding opportunity.


  • Ecology will prioritize grant requests as follows:
    • First priority:
      • Grant requests from watershed planning groups with watershed plans that were legally adopted by a board of county commissioners having jurisdiction in the watershed.
      • Grant requests from watershed planning groups that expect a watershed plan will be adopted by board(s) of county commissioners before July 1, 2018.
    • Second priority:
      • Grant requests from local governments that worked with a watershed planning group where a draft watershed plan was completed but was not acted on by a board of county commissioners having jurisdiction in the WRIA.
      • Grant requests from local governments, planning groups or other entities in WRIA’s that are experiencing water supply shortages.
  • No match is required, however applications that include other funding sources will receive additional consideration.


  • Ineligible Projects:
    • Projects considered Operations and Maintenance, including administration, monitoring, and oversight.
    • Projects that do not improve both water supplies and instream habitat conditions.