About Instrumentl

Instrumentl matches scientists to the best grants for their research. Tell us about your project, and we'll let you know exactly which grants you're eligible for. No more Google searching or hunting through clunky databases!

Our Mission

Instrumentl’s mission is to simplify how research gets funded. Today scientists spend 40% of their week looking for grants instead of doing crucial research. Our team is made up of scientists and programmers and we intimately know how frustrating it can be searching and applying for grants. We strive to build technology that help scientists get funding quickly and painlessly.

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Founding Team

We're a team of scientists, university administrators, hackers, and grant-writers on a mission to bring science funding to the 21st century.

Angela profile

Angela Braren

Angela steers the ship. Before Instrumentl, she worked as a fisheries researcher, raised millions for non-profits, and administered grants for the Global Fund.

Kat profile

Kat Corriveau

Kat is a match-maker between researchers and funders. Before Instrumentl, she worked as a University administrator, grant-writer, and ecologist.

Gauri profile

Gauri Manglik

Gauri ships code and designs the user experience. Before Instrumentl, she sold her previous company, Fondu, to Airbnb where she worked as a Product Manager.