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There’s not enough time in the day to comb through search results and clunky databases. That’s why Instrumentl matches you with relevant grants so you know where to spend your time to maximize your ROI.

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By continuously pulling together corporate, private & government grants, we’re the most comprehensive, up­-to­-date source of environmental nonprofit and academic grants.

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Never drop the ball.

Instrumentl’s built-in project management tool allows you to save your favorite grants, receive deadline reminders, track your progress, store notes & documents and keep track of funder feedback.

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Instrumentl’s “benefits represent strong returns on an investment in today’s ultra­competitive funding environment.”


Why nonprofits & academics love us

Testimonial christina
“I’m using Instrumentl to find the right grants and make a plan for writing proposals. I was surprised by how many grants Instrumentl found for me and the web interface is super easy to use!” Christina Simkanin
Postdoctoral researcher
Smithsonian Research Center
Testimonial theresa
“Instrumentl is an easy to use and effective source for grants. The system is such a time saver for organizations / individuals who are looking for grant options.” Theresa Kim
Testimonial gladwin
“I like everything you guys have done and keep doing to make the screening process and display easy and intuitive.” Gladwin Joseph, Ph.D.
Conservation Biology Institute

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