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What Type of Partner Are You?

Affiliate Partners

For nonprofit consultants, educators, content creators or anyone with influence online

  • Give your students and followers $50 off their first month, and earn $50 per referred customer (you can pay it forward to make it $100 off too, if you choose)
  • Get featured on a big stage through our Instrumentl Partner Workshop series
  • Grow your business by getting listed in our grant writing consultant directory
  • Associate yourself with the #1 institutional fundraising platform
Become an Affiliate Partner

Great affiliate partners include GPA Approved Trainers, consultancies such as RBW Strategy, and nonprofit-oriented podcasters such as Teresa Huff and Jenni Hargrove.

Community Partners

For professional associations, learning or networking communities, and nonprofit coalitions

  • Get a members-only offer for your group to save on Instrumentl
  • Fill gaps in your content calendar by working with Instrumentl to host a pro-bono grant writing workshop (we’re ready to present with 2-3 weeks notice!) 
  • Give your members hundreds of pages of free quality grant writing resources provided by Instrumentl 
Become a Community Partner

Great existing community partners include the Grant Professionals Association, Nonprofit Hub, and local fundraising groups (i.e. AFP / GPA). 


What is Instrumentl?
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Instrumentl is the institutional fundraising platform that brings grant prospecting, tracking and management to one place. Trusted by 2,000+ nonprofits and grant writing consultants, Instrumentl saves folks three hours a week on average and increases grant application output by 78% within a year of use.

What is the Instrumentl Partner Program and how does it work?
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As a partner, you earn $50 per referred customer you bring to Instrumentl and save your referral $50 off their first month.

In the case where you prefer to not earn anything, you can pay it forward and make it a $100 off offer for your referral. 

Why might my application be declined?
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We’re a small team so must be intentional with who we partner with at this time. Typically, we may decline your application because:

  • You may be too early to become a partner who would be able to take full advantage of the opportunities there are to work with us 
  • There may not be clear enough alignment with what your business does in relation to what Instrumentl does
How do I become an Instrumentl Partner?
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First, apply using the application that best suits you! 

Then, our Partnerships Marketing Manager will be in touch for a 30-minute onboarding meeting to learn more about your work and share more about Instrumentl (along with the Partner Program). 

From that meeting, next steps will be established and we’ll begin working together! Stay active with us to get more opportunities to get featured.

How do I promote Instrumentl?
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As an Instrumentl Partner, we’ll give you access to our Partner Jumpstart Kit, which provides tons of copy, product images and strategies you can use to easily integrate Instrumentl into your existing work.

If you ever need anything more, such as a bonus module to add to your online course, just let us know and we’ll take care of that for you. 

Typically, our partners will add us to their preferred resources pages, share Instrumentl when they talk about grant-related topics or presentations, and collaborate with us to host a workshop to their community. 

Feel free to reach out to our Partnership Marketing Manager to brainstorm and come up with a tactical promotion strategy!

What is the FTC Affiliate Disclosure in Affiliate Marketing?
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The FTC has guidelines on how affiliates and influencers should promote products and services to reduce consumer deception. If you are an affiliate marketer and promote the products of companies based in the United States, United Kingdom, or Canada, you need to know what the FTC requirements for affiliate disclosure are and why they are so important.

Instrumentl is based in the United States, so you are obligated to follow FTC guidelines when sharing Instrumentl.

Do I need to be an Instrumentl customer to become a partner?
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It’s definitely an advantage for you if you have used Instrumentl in the past (our most successful partners tend to also be customers) since you’ll know the best ways to share Instrumentl, but it is not required to be an Instrumentl customer to be part of our Partner Program.

How will I get paid?
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When you get your first referral, we will send you an invite to set yourself up on Gusto for digital payments.

Every month, Instrumentl will draw an affiliate report to see the latest referrals who have come through partner channels. Then, we will send you payment via Gusto, typically by the 15th of each successive month at the latest.