Automate your grant search today

Nonprofit Plan

Prospecting & Grant Tracking to boost efficiency and effectiveness

$75/ month

Billed annually or $82 month-to-month

Grant writing services

TickPersonalized grant matches

TickNew grants found daily

TickGrant management

TickDeadline reminders

TickUnlimited users

TickFoundation profiles

Nonprofit Plan + Writing

Prospecting, Grant Tracking + expert grant writing to boost success

Custom pricing

Pricing based on your unique needs

The Nonprofit Plan plus:

TickUnlimited grant writing services

TickProspect research

TickProofreading proposals you've already started

TickDeveloping new proposals from scratch

University / Enterprise

Prospecting & Grant Tracking for universities and large nonprofits

Custom pricing

Best for universities and nonprofits looking to provide institution wide access to Instrumentl's prospecting & tracking tools

TickUnlimited access to Instrumentl

TickDedicated customer support

TickPersonalized on-boarding assistance

TickBest in class security

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