GrantHub Pricing: Which Plan is Best for You?

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December 29, 2022

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January 25, 2023

Is your nonprofit ready to diversify its portfolio and start earning income through grants? Is it worth it?

Grant writing can be complicated and, if you don’t have the right grant management system, a tedious job. If you’re looking for support tracking and managing your grants, there are several different tools available for you. One of the most commonly used software is GrantHub, a cloud-based management system.

In this post, we will go over GrantHub’s pricing and features to help you determine if it’s the right fit for your organization.

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GrantHub's Pricing at a Glance

Price Tag

Grant writers and managers must ensure they are properly tracking their submissions, keeping pertinent and updated data on file, and tracking the changing priorities of funders. This work can easily bog grant teams down, but not if you have the right system to help.

One of the better known and more widely used systems is GrantHub through Foundant Technologies, which is a grant management software that is relatively easy to navigate and well-liked by users.

Foundant Technologies offers solutions to help aspiring and expert level fundraisers better organize, manage, and submit high-quality grant proposals. GrantHub, their grants management software, may have the tools you need to take your nonprofit to the next level.

GrantHub pricing provides you with two different options to choose from. The first is a monthly plan which costs consumers $75 per month. The other is an annual plan which costs $795 per year, saving you approximately $105. A year-long commitment not only saves the user money over time but gives them ample opportunity to experience all the unique benefits a grants management software has.

The two pricing models for GrantHub provide you with relatively similar benefits, including up to 35 different user logins, 20GB of storage for grant documents, and unlimited technical support.

Online grants management software like GrantHub can help your team members connect to one another, create a central storage for all grant related documents, and generally help keep everyone in the loop from drafting to final proposal, submission, and even grant award notification. We’ll discuss some of GrantHub’s main features in more detail below.

GrantHub's Key Features


While it can be difficult to find ways to effectively organize and maintain all grant documentation in a central location, software like GrantHub makes it easy for you to stay organized, keep all team members on the same page, and track all outgoing submissions and grant approvals.

One key feature of the paid GrantHub plan is the provision of a central repository for grant documents. Save your board lists, budget items, and supplementary documents all in one location for simple, easy access at any time. Updated forms are easily shared with other team members.

GrantHub paid plan users also have access to funder information.

Feeling overwhelmed by your grant search? Aren’t sure where to begin? GrantHub will provide you with information regarding funder focus and priorities, as well as upcoming opportunities. This information is pulled directly from GrantStation, so while it can be helpful in obtaining general background information about a funder, the draw from GrantStation means some data may be outdated.

Beyond funder information, GrantHub provides tracking of all grant application submissions so you can easily report back to organization leadership. Need to run a report to organize your week? All pertinent information can be stored in the repository, making it quick and easy to export and share with all necessary parties.

Similarly, the software provides you with task tracking and reminders, so you don’t get stuck in the drafting phase. It also contains links to Foundation Center 990 forms for a closer look at a funder’s financials. The 990 forms may provide you with much needed information regarding the funder’s overview, focus, governance, and financial details.

Lastly, GrantHub paid subscribers can utilize links to GuideStar profiles for funders. It can even help you develop better relationships with funders, log interactions, and keep notes that can be shared amongst teammates.

GrantHub also has recommendations for grant consultants if you are looking to expand your consulting business or take on additional opportunities. GrantHub will provide you with access to the client’s subscription with multiple access levels, from Viewer to Editor and Administrator.

Additional features included in the pricing for GrantHub are:

  • Access to a grants dashboard and six pre-built reports
  • Access to GrantStation’s funder search
  • GreatNonprofits stories
  • A maximum file size of 100MB (with no more than 20 GBs of total storage)

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A Closer Look at GrantHub's Pricing Plans

GrantHub's Pricing Plans

GrantHub pricing allows you to purchase the tool monthly or annually to meet your organization’s needs. The monthly plan comes in at $75 per month, which will cost $900 if you use the plan for 12 months. GrantHub provides a discount for those who purchase an annual plan, costing users only $795 for 12 months.

Are you looking for temporary or transitional support? Want to learn more about funders or seek out grant consultants? The monthly plan may be a better option for you.

Those looking for long-term solutions, tracking, and consistent monitoring of submitted proposals may find the annual plan better fits their needs. The annual plan is also a better choice for organization’s managing over five grants per year, as well as those seeking to expand their total number of annual grants.

Keep in mind that those on the annual plan have the option to purchase an additional 20 GB of storage for $150 per year and an additional block of ten users for $150 per year. Both options provide users with the option to import existing funder information, receive unlimited live and self-paced training, and support via phone, email, or chat.

GrantHub also provides a money-back guarantee and offers users a free trial for up to 14 days.

For even more insight, Instrumentl has conveniently collected information about various grant management systems and their features, cost, and overall usage in a price comparison of grant management tools here.

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Is There a Better GrantHub Alternative?

Instrumentl Homepage

There are several alternatives to GrantHub if your nonprofit needs a tool with more robust features.

For example, Instrumentl brings grant prospecting, tracking, and management into one easy to use platform, making it easy to navigate the entire grants life cycle.

While GrantHub allows you to add more users, its features are less in-depth and it does not provide support for all parts of the grant searching, application, and reporting process. Instrumentl does.

Here are some of the features that set Instrumentl apart from the competition, allowing users to truly utilize the software for all their grant needs.

Smart Grant Matching

Instrumentl reduces the time you spend researching grant opportunities by using smart matching technology to conveniently match users with upcoming grants based on their mission and program focus.

Easily scroll through a list of matched opportunities with summaries, website links, and more. This feature is constantly updated, providing users with new opportunities as they come out.

Foundation Profiles

While GrantHub only connects users to GrantStation’s directory, Instrumentl provides users with updated foundation summaries for more accurate funding insight.

The foundation summaries can help you better understand the foundation’s focus areas, grant size, and history of giving. Foundation profiles are also linked to 990s and foundation websites as available.

Recipient Profiles/Reverse Search

If you would like to look at the funders of other organizations similar to yours, Instrumentl provides this all in one easy search. This makes it easy to find funders who provide support to organizations like yours. GrantHub doesn’t offer this feature.

Advanced Funder Insights

One of the most unique features Instrumentl provides is advanced funder insights, which give the user access to sought after information regarding funders who may not have websites or be easy to identify via web search.

Information is collected in an easy to read format to help the user better understand how open the funder is to new grantees, grant sizes (the dollar range the funder is willing to consider), their geographical focus, and their giving by category (animal rights, human services, etc.).

Grant Tracking and Submissions

Having trouble keeping track of when everything is due? Do list forms feel confusing or overwhelming? Instrumentl provides an easy to read calendar view of all task and submission deadlines, helping you worry less about missing a deadline so you can focus more on the quality of your application.

Unlike GrantHub, Instrumentl provides automatic deadline reminders and even updates you when a funder changes their priorities or deadlines.

Salesforce Integration

Instrumentl may be linked with your Salesforce account for seamless integration. No more updating multiple softwares when you apply for or are awarded a grant. With this integration, you save time and energy and reduce the likelihood of missing critical updates or incorrectly entering information.

Instrumentl Salesforce Integration

Instrumentl provides all of the above and more at three convenient tiers.

  • The Basic Plan costs $179 per month (if paid annually) and allows you to track ten different projects with three users.
  • The Standard Plan jumps to $299 per month (if paid annually) and allows you to track 20 projects with three users.
  • The Professional Plan costs $499 per month (again, if paid annually), and allows users to track 50 projects with three users.
  • A Custom Plan is also available for universities, hospitals, healthcare groups, and other large nonprofits. This plan allows users to create unlimited projects with unlimited users for easy data sharing and top-tier grants management.

Keep in mind that Instrumentl provides a monthly discount if you utilize the software for at least one year. Monthly rates outside of the annual commitment jump to $195, $326, and $544 per month. For organizations with more than five annual grants to manage, as well as those looking to expand their annual grants calendar, may find that much of the organizational work associated with grant writing can be reduced by utilizing Instrumentl software.

The benefits of utilizing Instrumentl are vast. Not only do users have access to all levels of support they need, but Instrumentl also offers free classes, eBooks, guides, and more. It combines high value with in-depth features that are not available elsewhere, freeing you up to do more of what you need to do—write and submit grants!

Users can also try their features for free for up to 14 days.

Wrapping Up: GrantHub Pricing: Which Plan is Best for You?

Best Price

Pricing for GrantHub is relatively simple: two choices with similar benefits. One is a monthly plan, which may be safer for small organizations just starting to get their feet wet. The other is an annual plan which may be better suited to organizations that are focusing on making a long-term commitment to their grant search and application process.

As a grant prospecting, tracking, and management system, Instrumentl provides more in-depth features than GrantHub and may be a better alternative for those seeking to improve their entire grant life cycle processes.

Instrumentl team

Instrumentl team

Instrumentl is the all-in-one grant management tool for nonprofits and consultants who want to find and win more grants without the stress of juggling grant work through disparate tools and sticky notes.

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