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January 26, 2023

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February 8, 2024

Grant discovery platforms assist nonprofits throughout the grant discovery process—connecting users to opportunities, funders, and information that positions them for success when it comes time to apply or submit a proposal.

One such platform is GrantStation, offering nonprofits, government organizations, and educational institutions tools to identify lucrative opportunities and learning modules to help them become better accustomed to the grants process.

The following is a comprehensive GrantStation discount code guide, detailing the available discounts and savings available to nonprofit professionals who are interested in leveraging GrantStation’s services. We will dig deep into the available discounts and how they can be redeemed.

Let’s get started.

GrantStation Discount Codes at a Glance


First things first—how much does GrantStation cost?

Typically, GrantStation offers four regular price tiers:

  • One-Year Subscription: $699
  • Two-Year Subscription: $1,258
  • Three-Year Subscription: $1,782
  • One-Quarter Subscription: $219
GrantStation Pricing

GrantStation frequently partners with other organizations that offer discounts on memberships. Two of the primary discount partners are TechSoup and the Alliance for Families and Strong Communities. GrantStation also frequently offers their own discounts on their subscriptions available directly on their website.

Let’s take a look at each of these offerings and the types of savings that are offered!


Techsoup is a mission driven organization that helps connect nonprofits, changemakers, and organizations invested in creating an equitable world with innovative technology solutions to support their work. Techsoup partners with tech companies and then connects these companies’ services and products with NGOs, nonprofits, and other organizations.

Techsoup offers a GrantStation discount code for a $99 one-year subscription to the platform. According to Techsoup, this is a promotion that is best leveraged by small nonprofits who rely on grant revenue to sustain their operations.

Techsoup GrantStation discount code

The GrantStation discount is only available for a limited time—between February 14 and February 15, 2023. To obtain this discount code, nonprofits are required to provide their email address to receive a reminder about the offer. Once the offer goes live, nonprofits will be able to redeem the discount and sign up for a one-year subscription with GrantStation at the offered rate.

The $99 GrantStation sale offered by Techsoup is a $600 savings for users overall. The standard one-year subscription rate for GrantStation is $699/year.

Alliance for Families and Strong Communities

The Alliance for Families and Strong Communities is a strategic action network that partners with nonprofit sector leaders, high-impact nonprofits, state associations, and other groups whose work aligns with the Alliance’s mission. The Alliance provides key resources and tools to support partners and help them become financially sustainable and develop innovative solutions.

The Alliance provides members with a GrantStation discount code for a $75 one-year subscription—an 89% savings on GrantStation’s standard annual rate.

Alliance for Families and Strong Communities Grantwatch discount code

To take advantage of these savings, members of the Alliance can reach out directly to their Project Manager for Organizational Learning, Peter Metzger. Members can follow the link to the email on this page to learn more about this discount.

Note that this savings is only available to affiliate members of the Alliance for Families and Strong Communities.

GrantStation Promos

Currently, GrantStation is offering discounts on their one-year and two-year subscription plans with the one-year subscription priced at $169 and a two-year subscription priced at $219.

GrantStation Promos

These discounts are offered fairly frequently, especially around major holidays and other seasons when discounts and sales are very common.

Keep a close eye on GrantStation’s website and you may find an incredible deal!

Is There a Better GrantStation Alternative?


GrantStation is a useful grant discovery platform that provides grantseekers with tools to identify funders that align with their objectives, mission, and specific needs.

If you are currently in the market for a grant discovery platform, you may be wondering if there is a better alternative to GrantStation?

One of the downsides of GrantStation’s platform is that it does not offer detailed descriptions of open grant opportunities nor does it provide updates on open RFPs, deadlines, or other pertinent information related to grants.

GrantStation is limited in the information it provides in its funder profiles and does not offer many services for tracking proposals or collaborating with team members on projects associated with grant proposals.

When it comes to getting the greatest value for a grant discovery platform, Instrumentl has the competition beat!

Instrumentl’s platform emphasizes efficiency and user experience, providing vital grant discovery tools, high-quality funder information, and up to date information about active RFPs so nonprofits never miss out on an opportunity to grow their organization.


Instrumentl customizes its approach to prospect research and grant discovery, tailoring user experiences to meet their specific objectives. Instrumentl combines advanced grant management and grant discovery into a well designed, accessible interface.

By centering the platform on connecting users to well-aligned, active opportunities, Instrumentl delivers a high-ROI experience that will elevate nonprofits’ fundraising programs and enable long term financial growth.

Users rave about Instrumentl’s platform, resources, and notably their focus on customer success.

One user noted that, “Instrumentl is the only grant tool you’ll need,” while another user wrote that Instrumentl is “an amazing source for any grant writer”.

Instrumentl Reviews

For the highest-quality grant discovery tool available on the internet, Instrumentl is the recommended choice for nonprofits.

For more information and to try instrumentl’s services for free, consider signing up for a free 14-day trial or learning more about Instrumentl’s unique features.

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Wrapping Up: GrantStation Discount Codes


For nonprofits that desire to grow and increase their revenue through a robust grant program, grant discovery platforms like GrantStation and Instrumentl are critical tools.

With the right discount codes, GrantStation can be an affordable option with key features that can support nonprofits in their prospect research. However, Instrumentl is the only grant discovery tool available that provides in-depth, high-quality grant discovery resources coupled with tailored support to meet all your fundraising needs in one single place.

Visit Instrumentl today to learn more about how the platform can help your nonprofit organization grow and thrive.

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