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Amelie Heurteux


Customer Success Manager at Instrumentl

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April 24, 2024

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May 8, 2024

Tedious data entry is one of the most common frustrations among grant professionals—especially when dealing with multiple databases and CRMs (Customer Relationship Management software).

Thankfully, Instrumentl integrates with CRMs like Salesforce, Raiser’s Edge NXT, and Virtuous CRM.

In this article, we will walk you through how to eliminate duplicative data entry, operational redundancies and increase efficiency across your grant management processes.

Quick guides:

Let’s dive in!

Overview of Instrumentl’s Integrations

You may find yourself copying and pasting your grant data from Instrumentl to your CRM. Constant data entry and reentry can lead to errors across platforms, resulting in missed deadlines or blunders during funder interactions.

It can be an overwhelming amount of information to stay on top of!

On top of that, data entry is a thankless task, requiring a significant amount of staff time to complete. Relying on staff to manually enter and re-enter data takes away time they could focus on other grant-related projects that are of greater urgency.

Thankfully, Instrumentl’s Integrations allow for seamless data consolidation across several commonly used CRM technologies including:

Let’s unpack the benefits of each integration, and how it enhances Instrumentl’s grant tracking features.

Salesforce Integration

The best thing about Instrumentl’s Salesforce Integration is that it eases workflows so that your funder relationships and their statuses are always up to date.

Setting up Instrumentl Salesforce Integrations reduces manual work, eases workflows, and streamlines communications across your nonprofit organization.

You can manage the entire grants process from your Instrumentl account instead of jumping between the two platforms. Reduce manual copying and pasting.

Watch this quick 5 minute video on setting up your Salesforce integration.

You can sync all kinds of data from Instrumentl to Salesforce.

  • Funder data
  • Opportunity information and their status
  • Deadlines
  • Tasks and to-dos for your team
  • Financials like awarded or proposals grant amounts

Download the Salesforce Integration fields

Once you have synced Salesforce and Instrumentl, you no longer have to worry about updating information or making changes to funder profiles if a deadline changes or an opportunity priority shifts.

Instrumentl automatically updates all information across synced systems.

Instrumentl Salesforce Integration significantly reduces administrative burdens by updating grant information automatically.

Salesforce Integration streamlines communication across your organization, keeping everyone on your team up to date on deadlines, notes, tasks, submissions, and awards.

Anyone who has access to Instrumentl (and vice versa, Salesforce) can now access information that is vital to their role in the grant-winning process, from funder outreach, management, and financials.

Virtuous CRM Integration

Salesforce isn’t the only CRM platform that can sync with Instrumentl. The Virtuous Instrumentl Integration allows users to identify grants, research, and track opportunities by syncing information between the two systems.

Through the one-way sync feature on Instrumentl, you can seamlessly integrate key funder data and information with the Virtuous donor management software including:

  • Funding opportunity name;
  • Funder Deadlines;
  • Amounts requested and awarded;
  • Deadlines;
  • Tasks and assignments; and
  • Funder profiles.

Integrate crucial funder information and grant data with virtuous so you and your colleagues can stay up to date on grants, funder priorities and new grantmaking opportunities.

The one-way sync feature is a powerful integration tool that eliminates duplicative data and provides users with a holistic view of their grant-seeking and donor development.

According to Mallory Greer, Director of Partners at Virtuous:

“Finding, researching, and applying for grants is not only time-consuming but stressful for fundraisers. We’re excited about the new Instrumentl and Virtuous integration because it will help empower fundraisers with access to the latest grants available to them. This access to information will help organizations easily find mission critical funds – and stay on tasks required for grants – that can help change the lives and communities that they serve.”

Freeing up your team’s time to focus on your finding more funding for your mission is our goal with this integration.

Raiser's Edge NXT Integration

With the Raiser’s Edge NXT Instrumentl Integration, users can sync opportunities, funders, and key tasks across the two platforms, providing your nonprofit with a holistic view of funding efforts across the organization.

Provide staff at your organization with a comprehensive view of your fundraising efforts across your nonprofit. 

Raisers Edge NXT (RE: NXT) is a CRM that helps nonprofit organizations manage grants and individual donors, tracking all fundraising initiatives across the organization in one system. RE: NXT has multiple data tracking capabilities and actions, including:

  • Managing contact information;
  • Sending emails;
  • Gift processing;
  • Running performance reports;
  • Tracking campaign goals; and
  • Maintaining historical information on funder relationships.

RE: NXT is a powerful tool for donor relationship management and financial processes but it lacks grant management capabilities.

Here’s a 2-minute video on your RE: NXT integration.

Unlike Instrumentl, RE: NXT does not have prospecting tools and does not natively pull funder data in its database, leaving it up to staff to manually enter relevant information directly into the platform.

Instrumentl’s capacity to identify best-fit grant opportunities and intrinsically pull essential funder information, enhancing the grant management process in RE:NXT. 

This is why the Raisers Edge NXT Instrumentl Integration is so vital!

Instrumentl enhances RE: NXT interface by integrated enriched funder data that can be leveraged to analyze broader fundraising trends and achievements across the organization.

: Most RE: NXT users are assigned a Blackbaud administrator who assists with technical issues and platform integrations. Before syncing RE: NXT with Instrumentl, contact your Blackbaud administrator to support your team in the integration and provide administrative approvals.

Start Integrating Your CRM With Instrumentl

Instrumentl’s integrations are powerful tools designed to sync information between your Instrumentl account and your donor management systems.

Instrumentl’s integrations reduce administrative burdens and save you time.

Sign in to your Instrumentl account today to integrate these tools and improve your grant workflows!

New to Instrumentl? Start a 14-day free trial today to set up your CRM integrations and take your grant-seeking to the next level!

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Amelie Heurteux

Amelie Heurteux

Amelie Heurteux, a Customer Success Manager at Instrumentl, works day in and day out training nonprofits and grant writers how to efficiently prospect new funders and streamline their grant tracking and management processes.

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