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June 15, 2021

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Instrumentl is the best place for bringing grant prospecting, tracking and management to one place, saving you time and helping you apply for more grants for your nonprofit.

Today, we’re proud to announce five new updates to our grant prospecting, tracking and management tools to help you save more time and apply for more grants.

Here’s our 6-minute video recapping these new features. Details on each feature are also provided below the video.

1. Direct navigation for Matches and Trackers within a project with one click.

Matches and Tracker

First, click into your project on the left hand project side bar. This will open a drop down field where you can click on either Tracker or Matches.

The number next to Tracker is how many Saved Grants are in that tracker.

The number next to Matches is how many total matched opportunities you have, with the orange number representing total New matches you have not yet reviewed.

2. Improved user experience for Matches.

Matches tab navigation

When you are reviewing new matches, we’ll show you where opportunities have been hidden or saved in other projects. No more accidentally re-researching a match you’ve already reviewed on another project!

Look for the Saved or Hidden tags that appear on new matches.

Hover over the tags, and you’ll see how many other projects, and the names of the other Projects that opportunity was previously saved to or hidden from.

Matches that have already been saved have a label that -- on hover-- shows the project it's saved to

The blue link that says View More Details will pull up all opportunities that you’ve saved from this funder on the right hand side, under the Saved to Tracker section.

We’ve also introduced new filters to include or exclude previously saved or hidden matches — this makes it even easier for you to identify which matches you haven’t reviewed yet.

Click on the Filter drop down menu, and select or de-select matches that were previously saved or hidden in other projects. De-selecting both options will generate a list of net new matches that you’ve never reviewed.

Filter by previously saved or hidden

Don’t like a particular grant opportunity? Now you can hide that opportunity from not just one project, but all of your projects on Instrumentl.

Navigate to the bottom right corner of the opportunity, click on the three vertical dots, and choose Hide from all projects.

Hide an opportunity from all projects

To access opportunities that were Hidden from All projects, scroll to the very bottom of your left hand project navigation, and click on the tab Hidden from All.

View opportunities hidden from all projects

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3. Cleaner tracking with three new core views.

New navigational tabs are View All, Applications, and Researching

The Tracker experience has leveled up with three new core views: View All, Applications and Researching.

View All includes opportunities of any status.

View All tab selected

Applications focus on opportunities you’re moving forward with (eg. Planned, In Progress, Submitted, Won, Lost, or Abandoned).

Applications tab selected

Researching covers only grants whose status you’ve assigned as Researching.

Researching tab selected

Any opportunity saved to the Researching tab will get auto-updating funder deadlines. This means the deadline shown is always the next upcoming funder deadline. You’ll never have a grant opportunity that is “Past Due” in the Researching tab.

Submission goals can now only be set when the status is not Researching.

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4. Enhanced universal organization and labeling.

Opportunity and Funder tabs split information for each grant

We’ve rehauled our grant overview tabs to improve navigation with “Opportunity” and “Funder” subtabs.

Funder tab with 990 report specified

When 990 Reports are available for a funder, you’ll see a callout for it on the “Funder” tab.

When you’re scrolling through the “Funder” tab (previously the 990 Report tab), you’ll find a new “Saved to Tracker” section giving you a clear idea of all opportunities related to the funder you’ve saved to your projects. Here, you’ll also find direct links to “Other Opportunities from this Funder.”

Funder with list of opportunities you've already saved from that funder

Lastly, we’ve introduced the ability to save grant opportunities to the same project and year multiple times.

5. Find good fit funders with patterns of giving to organizations like yours, with Past Awards Received.

We’ve added the ability to look up a Nonprofit Recipient to see which Funders have funded them in the past.

Let’s say there’s a nonprofit that’s similar to yours. You can scroll to the very bottom of their 990 report to see who has funded them in the past.

Lookup a nonprofit and see past awards received

This feature is in beta and we will be continuing to improve over time.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about how to use these new features! Just use the chat when you’re logged in, or email us at

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